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Are you pissed off? Do you get annoyed when someone pinches you more often? When people are pissed off, they need no one around and a lonely environment so that they can feel better.

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Looking for a little common sense amongst all those pompous, blow hard media types? You got it! Have you noticed how the pricing totally screws with your mind?

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Switch to new thesaurus. Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive?

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Help support our writers and keep our site ad-free. First of all, you should know that I love Middlemarch. A lot.

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Good morning. I'll be adding the other admins back ASAP. I just feel the need to tell people to be really, really careful out there.

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After being dragged away by the Blackburn barn in Chapter 1, Billy encounters a mysterious man more later and becomes a different person. Gone is the silky-tongued, ultra-groomed charmer; in his place is a sweaty, bloody, brooding psycho. Read more: Stranger Things 3, Chapter 1 review.

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And considering the missteps made by Emery signing Jay Cutler to what looked then and looks now to be a ridiculous contract, hiring Trestman in the first place and Trestman allowing the team to sink so quickly after the middle of the seasonthat was probably the correct decision. During his news conference Monday after Emery and Trestman were released, team chairman George McCaskey was asked what role his mother, year-old Virginia, had played in the firings. I can't think of a year-old woman that that description would apply, but in this case, I can't think of a more accurate description.

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I immediately recognized him as the stereotypical member of my own age group: The Guy Who is Irritated by Everything. As we continued walking down the pavement, I made a silent resolution to myself: I will never allow myself to become a Grumpy Old Man. But in order to keep this resolution, I needed to look into some of the reasons that and something men turn into Oscar the Grouch.

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Typically a wellerism consists of three parts: a proverb or sayinga speaker, and an often humorously literal explanation. Sam Weller's propensity to use the types of constructions now called "wellerisms" has inspired plays; sometimes, the playwrights have created even more wellerisms. A type of wellerism called a Tom Swifty incorporates a speaker attribution that puns on the quoted statement.

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Top of the morning to ya! Welcome to a grand award-winning web site, filling up full of flowery Irish English, even as you print out about 18 A4 pages! While I'm the first to admit that it's by no means complete; fair's fair


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