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The bizarre murder plot, dubbed "cunning cunnilingus" by one commentator, took place in the city of Sao de Jose Rio Preto. The intended victim, a year-old man who has not been named, says his wife tried to lure him into bed and encouraged him to perform oral sex on her. His suspicions were aroused when he noticed an unusual odour emanating from her private parts and, fearing she was unwell, took her to hospital, Brazil's Tvi24 reports.

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The idea first came up while a friend and I were discussing the vagina's probiotic properties. So, as the disapproving ghost of Julia Child looked on, she grabbed a spoon, a pan, and a candy thermometer, and set out to create yogurt from her vagina—the ultimate in locally-sourced cuisine. We had joked before about making yogurt from vaginal secretions—predictable jokes about the dietary benefit of eating pussy, about naming the product 'Queeffer'—but then a Google search was performed and: nothing.

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The PhD student embarked on the mission to 'explore the power of her vagina'. A scientist made yogurt from her own vagina and then ate it as a part of a bizarre experiement. University of Wisconsin PhD student Cecilia Westbrook made two batches of her very own natural yogurt after seeing a cookbook documenting recipes using sperm, but being unable to find a female equivilent.

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Yes, the most infamous moment from American Gods the book has made it into American Gods the show. Bilquis, a prostitute and goddess, accepts payment from a client. During sex, she asks him to worship her.

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Cecilia Westbrook is a PhD student and scientist who was fed up with the fact that there are whole cookbooks of semen-based recipes out there, yet none where the main ingredient is, well, the natural flora that exist in the vagina. So Cecilia took matters into her own hands and decided to figure out a way to create yoghurt with her own vagina secretions. She set up a positive control made with actual yogurt as the starter culture and a negative control plain milk with nothing addedand combined her own homemade ingredient to the third batch of yogurt.

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When PhD student Cecilia Westbrook found out there was an entire cookbook of recipes based on sperm and nothing similar about vaginal secretions, she didn't just get angry - she decided to do something about it. That something was making two batches of yoghurt out of her own "jazz juice", with nothing more than a wooden spoon, a pan and her own ingenuity for 'ingenuity' read 'vaginal flora'. The process was chronicled by Janet Jay on Vicewho reported Westbrook ate the first batch, which tasted like "Indian yoghurt", with blueberries while the second batch tasted like "slightly-spoiled milk".

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All rights reserved. It's a recipe you would never search for yourself, but there's something about a woman making yogurt from her own vaginal secretions that would make anyone question three things: the taste, the process, and most importantly, why? Scientist and PhD student Cecilia Westbrook of the University of Wisconsin said she had always wondered whether she could use bacteria and organisms found in the vagina to make yogurt that would keep her healthyaccording to Vice's Motherboard.

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When most people think of the clitoris, they think of the small visible part. But research indicates that it actually has branches that extend down underneath the skin, along either side of the vulva, kind of in a wishbone shape. The vulva refers to the outside, visible parts of your genitalia.

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After years of seeing store shelves stocked with probiotics made to keep vaginal bacteria healthy, Cecilia Westbrook thought it might be more practical to make her own. After using a wooden spoon to collect the "ingredient," Westbrook then added it to a batch of yogurt and waited overnight. Then, as friend Janet Jay tastefully documents for Motherboard, she ate it topped with blueberries.

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Here's some food for thought: It is possible to make yogurt using bacteria from a woman's vagina, but it's probably not a good idea. Westbrook noted that the most common bacteria found in a healthy vagina was lactobacillus, the same bacteria commonly found in yogurt. She figured she could easily whip up a batch of yogurt just by extracting some of her vagina's bacteria with a wooden spoon.


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