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Physically, the Veddas are of Proto-Australoid stock, associated with the earliest strata of population identifiable in South Asia. Genetic studies suggest they are related to the tribes of Malaysia. Modern Veddas are believed to be descended from the island's earliest aboriginal inhabitants, though clearly they have been exposed to genetic mixing with later groups.

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Indeed there is something mysterious about this people who claim descent from Sinhalese royalty but who have for centuries been despised and down trodden by society. Theirs is a very sad story indeed and their plight a yet sadder one. It is only today that this folk are emerging to take their due place in society after centuries of oppression thanks to the progressive legislation and social welfare policies of successive governments since independence.

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V eddas are the aborigines or indigenous people of Sri Lanka. Mahawansa reveals that Veddas are descended from Prince Vijaya 6th-5th century BCthe founding father of the Sinhala nation, through Kuweni a woman of the indigenous Yakka clan whom he had espoused. So why should you give them undue pain when there is no honey by cutting the honeycomb. The Mahavansa relates that following the repudiation of Kuveni by Vijaya, in favour of a 'Kshatriya' princess from the Pandya country, their two children, a boy and a girl, departed to the region of Sumanakuta Adam's Peak in the Ratnapura District, and their progeny gave rise to the Veddas.

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Reader comments are listed below. Comments are currently closed and new comments are no longer being accepted. It always seem to amaze me at how foreigners seem to know more about SL than Sri Lankans.

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Legends that tell the origins of the Vedda are not fully documented but there are two general ideas as to how long they have been on the island. The spoken legend told by the Sinhalese is that the Vedda are descendants of Pince Vijaya, who became the legendary first king of Sri Lanka. On the other hand, archaeological and anthropological studies show that the Vedda tribe is much older than that, dating as far back as the stone age.

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This was formerly the universal custom and still persists among the less sophisticated Veddas who sometimes in addition place a large stone upon the chest for which no reason could be given, this is observed at Sitala Wanniya off Polle-bedda close to Maha Oyawhere the body is still covered with branches and left where the death occurred. Uruwarige Wanniyalatto. Please do not buy any wildlife-related products from anyone as it is illegal and against our sustainable policies. Sandals or walking shoes are recommended.

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However, this does not seem to translate into parity in the world of work. Women are twice as unemployed as their male counterpart. Additionally, women in Sri Lanka often find themselves in informal sector jobs where wage disparities compound discrimination.

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Ever wonder what became of that unfortunate Belgian clerk in Conrad's Heart of Darkness, who insisted upon wearing a starched collar despite the stifling Congo heat? Italian journalist Orizio shows that he may well have stayed on. Like Ryszard Kapuscinski, who provides a brief foreword, Orizio has a wonderful eye for cultural anachronisms and uncovers colonial remains in the form of white enclaves in Third World settings. The opening chapter takes Orizio to Sri Lanka, where he contacts the remnants of the Dutch community, a group that originally arrived some years ago with the Dutch East India Company and, for whatever reason, chose to stay on after the collapse of Dutch rule.