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The contemporary artist who has been behind Simpsons -inspired artwork in the past has released his new art series titled "Hello Boys," and this one features Disney princes we've all grown to love—but with an adult twist. For a lot of them the AIDS remains something abstract and so they underestimate the risks of contagions," Palombo said in a statement. Life is precious and we have to protect it every day.

Even worse, they had no way of knowing just how high that sales peak would climb until the film was in the theatres and became a hit, or otherwise. The folks at Disney hired Andy Mooney, an executive that had been responsible for organizing Nikes marketing strategies. The story goes that Mooney had not been at Disney for long when he and his team went to a Disney on Ice show.

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Just yesterday, I wrote about Disney princesses depicted as dudes. Those damn princesses are everywhere. Visual artist Dillon Boy has created a series of artworks entitled Dirtylanddepicting the princesses as sexy, naked women in some kind of alternative pin-up universe.

Princess's Sexy Winter 3. Hot Sexy Girl Darts 4. Barbies Sexy Bikini Beach 3.

For decades, people have been accusing Disney of inserting inappropriate subliminal messages into their family-friendly films. The Little Mermaid is supposedly full of penises, both in the film and on promotional materials. The word "sex" is allegedly spelled out in a number of films using things like stardust and human hair.

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Backstage tours are a fun way to see a side of Walt Disney World that most people never get to witness. The sheer volume of people, things and processes required to run an operation of that magnitude is truly mind-boggling, and even the most run-of-the-mill tour is sure to be packed with memories. If luck is with you, however, you might just see some things that are unique, funny, or even just plain weird

NO question about it, Naked Attraction is a television show that never fails to shock us. From experimental body hair to questionable dating decisions, we thought we'd experienced it all Potential daters stand naked in coloured cubicles while a male or female or even a couple based on tonight's episode judge their chemistry based on their anatomy.

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Please refresh the page and retry. W atson, of course, has every right to pose wearing whatever she chooses — but what is surprising is that the year-old has been doing so while promoting new film Beauty and the Beasta movie which marks her debut as as a Disney Princess. I n the past Disneywhich prides itself on its wholesome image, has kept a tight grip on its stars.

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Magic Strollers. Earlier this week, Paul T. Check out what I found on an animation art auction cite!!

Disney Princesses aren't exactly the kind of role models any right-thinking parent would want their daughter looking up to - helplessly waiting for Prince Charming to arrive while they sing-a-long songs with woodland animals or sea creatures. And something tells us mothers and fathers will be praying their daughters do anything but follow in the footsteps of the latest Disney Princess series: Dirtyland, where princesses become porn stars. I think it has something to do with how we are conditioned as children.


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