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Heinrich Berning An associate professor at Hamburg University, Berning lead the "famine experiments" on Soviet prisoners. Berning then published his results after the war. Viktor Brack Brack formulated ideas for experiments with Himmler.

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I n the early s, I interviewed a large number of Germans who had risen to prominence in the film industry under the Nazis. I spoke to actors, directors, critics and politicians. Bechter conducted preparatory discussions with me.

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The poster, which went up in June in the western city of Poznan just steps from a synagogue, is an Italian artist's take on what he calls the "horrors" of the American lifestyle and is one piece of artwork in a contemporary art exhibition opening in the fall. But the reaction shows that there is little appetite in Poland for satirical or artistic uses of images linked to Nazi Germany, which invaded Poland in and built ghettoes and death camps across the country in which millions were murdered. Prosecutors, however, determined that the poster is art and does not violate the country's laws against glorifying Nazism.

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O ne morning in the spring ofyears before the end of World War II, Huntsville, Texas woke up to a startling sound: the clip-clapping boots of Nazi soldiers in formation, singing German marching songs as they made their way through the dusty streets of the small town. The townspeople watched as barracks went up, surrounded by barbed wire and chain link fences, and wondered what, exactly, they were in for. Americans had only been in the war for a year when POW camps were being built, and residents of Huntsville had little time to prepare for the reality of thousands of Nazi prisoners taking up residence just eight miles from the town limits.

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The first time I drove there, in Februaryheavy snow was falling and a lorry had jack-knifed on the Berlin ring road, so it would take longer. The head of the SS had friends in the area and would drop in to inspect the camp as he passed by. He rarely left without issuing new orders.

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The media has always taugh me two things about Germans: Killing Nazis is funand chicks in SS uniforms are fucking hot. I belong to a generation reared on video games involving killing zombies and Nazis and sometimes a combination of the two. The Indiana Jones movies I grew up watching made the practice seem hilarious and enjoyable. Written history has taught us that Nazis were the worst filth on the planet.

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Nazi exploitation also Nazisploitation is a subgenre of exploitation film and sexploitation film that involves Nazis committing sex crimes, often as camp or prison overseers during World War II. Most follow the women in prison formulaonly relocated to a concentration camp, extermination camp, or Nazi brotheland with an added emphasis on sadismgore, and degradation. The most infamous and influential title which set the standards of the genre is a Canadian production, Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS

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Hidden evil: A new book investigates the role women had in Nazi Germany. Portrayed in soft tones and pastels, their beatific gaze stared from billboards and freesheets across the land. They were prolific mothers, skilful homemakers, hard-working secretaries and dedicated auxiliaries. When war began, Hitler forbade them to work in the munitions factories for fear they would lose their femininity under the stress of hard physical labour.


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