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Our Pilgrim forefathers and foremothers were fond of moral codes. Prominent among the many they embraced was a dress code that, based on social status and, of course, gender, governed what they could wear. These codes have been most visible in female fashion: since the sight of an ankle or a wrist can instantly send men into a sexual frenzy, they must be protected, not from female temptresses, but from themselves, from their own uncontrollable animalistic and even monstrous nature.

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Scarlett Johansson is magnificent. As cyber-cop Major in Ghost in the Shell she has super strength, x-ray vision and a formidable way with weapons, following up nicely after her title role in Lucy from a few years ago. Created from comic book conventions of the midth century, female superheroes were stereotyped by the often misogynist values and tastes of the time, relegated to the role of eye candy and love interest or designed as female counterparts to existing male superheroes.

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Comic books are weird. The highlight of any given issue might be the strange powers, unbelievable plots, or larger-than-life characters. One of the biggest elements that leads to the unique feel of comics is, of course, the costumes.

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Some good points, well made and expertly drawn by John Raptor. Do you agree? Would superheroes end up like this?

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ESPN's The Body issue usually brings together some of the world's most notable athletes to strip down and tell their stories to inspire others. Check out all the amazing images done by some of the most talented artists Marvel has to offer. Artist Sara Pichelli said she worked to "combine correct proportions and powerful muscle shapes with a commonly accepted idea of beauty" here.

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DC Comics recently announced that a Wonder Woman movie will come out in While this news is exciting for feminists, comic book fans, and moviegoers, this movie announcement should illuminate the broader problem of diversity representation in superhero movies. In Joss Whedon wrote a script, in NBC canceled a pilot television episode, and in the CW stopped development on a series.

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Everyone and their mom redesigns the X-Men. So yea, me too. And even though I think Sabretooth is an awesome vilain, his hero version has Wild Child as a sidekick and the slash potential between these two is just too delicious to deny.

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By Anne Billson. It must be heaven to be a superhero fan right now. The latest incarnations of Spider-ManCaptain America and X-Men sequels are due on screens next year, and other film s in the works are legion. God is dead, but Superman lives!

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You've heard the argument that male superheroes are sexualized simply because they are often bare-chested. But a man taking off his shirt doesn't make him a sex object. It's actually rare to find examples of male superheroes who truly are sexualized the way women are in comics.

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As exciting as those things may be, the cream of the crop is the introduction of a Guardians of the Galaxy ride at Disney's California Adventure theme park. Now, for generations to come, young kids will interact with characters who - just a few years ago - were essentially unknown by 99 percent of the U. If that's not a victory in terms of long-term customer acquisition, I don't know what is. Not everything is perfect for the company though.


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