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Why would God use her, a harlot, when there were so many other well-put-together women around? She was given one of the greatest honors any woman throughout all of history could have ever been given. I wish we would slow down and remember the women that God chose to use for Kingdom purposes.

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Jump to navigation. It was my first week at a secular college, after transferring from a conservative Christian college. At eighteen, I had never even kissed a boy, so when a friend of my roommate made a move, I was all for it.

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Jana was new to youth group and seemed to have a built in magnet for every guy who met her. She was pretty, but very quiet, which instantly created intrigue and curiosity in all the guys who saw her. This created curiosity and intrigue in Jana and she became secretly determined to add his attention to her list.

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For girls who grew up in the church, it is taught that one of the biggest sins that a young woman could partake in is having sex. We grow up thinking that if we stray from this path than we have let down our pastor, church, parents, and God. However, is losing your virginity something that should weigh you down with shame?

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Welcome to Christian Forums, a forum to discuss Christianity in a friendly surrounding. Your voice is missing! You will need to register to be able to join in fellowship with Christians all over the world.

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Growing up in a Christian home, I was raised to view my virginity as almost as important as my salvation. I took those warnings to heart. It's difficult to understand if you didn't grow up in the church, but the focus on purity before marriage is so pervasive in many Christian circles that I didn't even question it.

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As well as abstaining from sexual thoughts, sexual touching, pornography, and actions that are known to lead to sexual arousal. Yes, you read that right -- I was 10 years old. Let's take a look at who I was as a year-old: I was in fourth grade.

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With all the emphasis on virginity as virtue's Holy Grail, if a Christian woman isn't a virgin when she marries, she's made to feel that she has somehow disqualified herself from God's greatest blessings and callings. That's how Sarah Bessey explains the unfortunate subtext of much of the purity speak that is happening in our churches in her recent post " I Am Damaged Goods. Implicit in what I'm reading about purity from Bessey, and a host of other women, such as Elizabeth Esther, Rachel Held Evansand Carolyn Custis Jamesis a broad concern over how the church handles and presents God's teachings on sexual sin.

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Kissing while naked? Oral sex? Turns out, a bit off-putting to both, but promising.


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