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A hymen is a thin layer of tissue that partially covers the opening of the vagina — partially not completely. After the menopause and due to the lack of estrogen however, the symptoms will take longer to resolve and will require treatment. The vaginal lining becomes thinner, drier and subsequently sore because of a condition called vaginal atrophy.

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That's the rumour anyway - that the first time a woman has penetrative sex, her hymen will break, she will bleed, and probably be in a mild to considerable amount of pain. In some cases, the myth even goes so far as to suggest that the hymen disappears entirely once penetration occurs, making it the defining factor in determining whether a woman is a virgin or not. The first myth the women tackled was that the hymen "breaks" the first time a woman has vaginal intercourse.

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So Far. Who's the Queen of Comics? Hint: Not Wonder Woman.

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A friend is trying to figure out what became of her hymen. Several other women I know women brought up in the s, s and s in the United States, the Middle East, the UK and Ireland tell me similar stories: they heard about the hymen in school and in books, but as they progressed through their teens — getting their periods; masturbating; or experiencing penetrative sex for the first time — it often failed to present itself in the way that they had imagined. However, not one of the women I speak to actually confirms ever having encountered her own hymen in the way she would describe it.

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Despite its diminutive size and lack of purpose in the body, the fact that the hymen is often linked closely with virginity can make it quite culturally significant for some people. The hymen can be broken by tampons or even masturbation, and one study found that only 43 per cent of women experienced bleeding when they had sex for the first time. Cultural and social implications aside, there are some physical things you might be interested to know about the structure of the hymen, as well as any potential problems associated with it.

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The hymen is the stuff of legend and lore in many cultures, the treasured prize a woman gives her husband on their wedding night. People often do not know what it looks like or what really happens to it when virginity is lost. For example, some of my teen patients have questions about a partner male or female inserting a finger into a vagina.

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The hymen is a thin membrane covering the vaginal opening. It consists of a connective tissue as well as muscle fibers with blood vessels and nerve endings. The hymen is easy to detect.

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When your lover penetrate [sic], it will ooze out a liquid that look [sic] like blood not too much but just the right amount. Add in a few moans and groans, you will pass through undetectable. For this we turn to Carol Roye, a nursing professor at Hunter College and a nurse practitioner who specializes in adolescent primary and reproductive health care.

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The hymen is a thin tissue that covers the opening of the vagina. It can sometimes be visible in either a moon shape or sometimes a circle at the opening. It may be difficult to see if you are doing some self-inspection depending on its size.

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Thank you for visiting SexInfo! If you are curious about what your hymen looks like, you can use a flashlight and a mirror to see inside your vaginal canal. If you cannot see into your vaginal canal, use a flashlight to illuminate the area although this can be tricky while trying to hold the mirror and your labia apart.