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I was at a friend's birthday party at a bar when I saw my future boyfriend Brian from across the room, talking to the birthday boy. Brian was the type of guy I spent most of high school and college and my entire adult life pining after and never getting: slim, with dark hair and glasses, his jeans torn in all the best places. He had a beautiful mouth that was excitedly saying things I couldn't hear, but was making everyone around him laugh.

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Just shy of our first anniversary, my boyfriend Drew told me he had a feeding fetish. He texted it, actually. He was visiting family in Florida, and I was alone in our apartment after a hour workday.

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Today, I came across yet another headline rudely asking if my boyfriend was making me fat. According to a new survey, he is. But we're making our men fat, too: Sixty-two percent of women said they gained up to 14 pounds after beginning their relationships, while 74 percent said their guys are the ones who've gained weight since they started dating.

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He wants me to lose weight and be the trophy girlfriend he can show off. Am I being selfish—should I really just put the effort in to lose two dress sizes? Would it make me happier, as well?

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Relationships, like any other all-around significant commitment, can bring about some major life changes. From reaching a whole new level of comfort with another human being to learning how to comfortably fit two bodies into one bed in the ultimate game of Tetris, being in a relationship changes a person. One of the most perceivable changes that one may go through while engaging in such a commitment, however, is the painfully noticeable physical one: the relationship weight gain.

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Despite being only 12st, 8lbs, and a UK size 16, Emily de Luzy, 24, says she was shamed for her weight - now, she's dropped five stone and is a bikini competitor. A brave young woman has described how her 'fat-shaming' boyfriend deliberately 'fed her up' so other people wouldn't look at her. Emily de Luzy, 24, claims the former partner used to 'shame' her for her weightdespite her being only 12st, 8lbs, and a UK dress size

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Sign up or log in to share. This is something controlling people do. They try to make you insecure about yourself or the relationship so you spend most of your time competing for his approval and for him.

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Sometimes it can feel like you'll never meet a great guy. Don't worry--you're not alone! This is something that almost everyone goes through at least once in their life. If you don't feel confident about your body, finding a great date might feel even more frustrating.

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BEING in a relationship makes us pile on the pounds as we feel happy and secure in a loved-up couple, research shows. Having a long-term partner is something most people crave, longing for the stability and intimacy it brings. And you have someone to curl up under the duvet with when it rains, someone to cook you dinner, and go halves with when ordering a pizza.

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Find out how to stick to your healthy habits, start new ones, and sneakily encourage your significant other to do the same. The Obesity Paradox. Please enter a valid email address. Now that you're dating, you may be trading your weeknight fitness classes for movie nights in.


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