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Are we really to believe that Kubrick would take great efforts throughout his career to avoid public attention — rarely giving interviews, not travelling outside of Britain to make films — yet would suddenly bare his soul on set in front of a rolling camera? Are we to believe that he would approve a final edit of this behind the scenes documentary that would further fuel rumours of him being difficult to work with? He was renowned as being calm and rational even when spending days repeatedly filming a single shot.

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There are vanity films, and then there are vanity films. And think a movie that offers gratuitous nude scenes in a topless bar and a trendy, ersatz American Indian mysticism that allows the star and his blond escort to transcend earthly existence and stroll directly into a red-hued heaven at the finale. Even hardened bad-movie buffs might have to cry uncle as Klossowski plays Billy Hawkins, a Vietnam vet and recent parolee who meets up with a couple of kids in trouble in Arizona.

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Or is it? No one has ever accused Stanley Kubrick of being a prude. If it weren't for his painterly eye, some of his movies might be considered downright pornographic we're looking at you, A Clockwork Orange.

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In what ways can Satan and his demons influence believers? In terms of moviemaking quality, Stanley Kubrick was a brilliant artist. When Danny Danny Lloyd meets the cook, Dick Hallorann—played to lovable perfection by Scatman Crothers—he learns that he has a telepathic gift called the shining.

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When you think of that hotel from The Shining, any number of memorable images might cross your mind. Perhaps you see a snow-covered hotel made of grey stone, or a grand red-roofed building with a large front porch. Maybe a vision of blood pouring from slowly opening elevator doors comes into view.

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The Shining is a film beloved by film scholars and horror enthusiasts across the board. It is among the most studied, picked-apart films of all time, and deservedly so. The classic is filled with moments, shots, and scenes wholly worthy of meticulous dissection.

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The trailer for the The Shining follow-up Doctor Sleep dropped yesterdayand - surprise surprise - it looks very intensely creepy. Ewan McGregor is Danny Torrance, 40 years on from the extremely rubbish family holiday which ended in axes through doors and a chase round a hedge maze. Fancy an official synopsis?

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You may not know the name Lia Beldam, but you will know her by her work. After the film, Lia never got into acting full-time as she was already modeling. Media Mikes had a chance to track down Lia and ask her a few questions about the film and reflecting on her role.

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Kevin Geeks Out is a monthly series of talks on geeky topics hosted by Kevin Maher. King admitted that his motivation for doing the miniseries was to cor-r-r-rect the errors he saw Kubrick as having made. Therefore the works of art should be judged on their merits as motion pictures.

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